White Out

Title: White Out
Price: $75.00
Year: 2013
Size: 16″ x 20″

White Out was made from painter’s caulk, aluminum flashing panels, and acrylic paint on canvas.

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The Story:

A piece like this doesn’t have much a story behind it sadly.  This was largely a bit of experimentation.  I had done a piece, named Weffa, several years earlier that also had an inset aluminum flashing panel.  I wanted to do that again but in a different way.  Weffa had these swirls of white caulk on a single panel in the center of the piece. For White Out I decided to thinly coat 3 panels in caulk, creating a distinct, but subtle, abstract design on each.

The entirety of the canvas was also covered the painter’s caulk. To create the texture I ran a comb over the caulk repeated.  The comb in question wasn’t a fancy tool, it was the same type you’d use on your hair.  I use a lot of strange tools in my studio.  After I had combed the surface several times, I placed the panels in the center.  I ran the comb, carefully, from the edges of the panels to the edge of the canvas to smooth out the disturbed caulk.

When the caulk had finished drying, I painted the edges of the canvas with a medium gray acrylic paint.