My Colorful Life

This series is all about my love affair with rainbows! I love bright happy colors.  Even when I feel horribly down, having rainbow colored artwork around brightens my mood.  With each painting, I try to capture the beauty of the rainbow through different shapes, textures, and mediums.

All Prices Include Shipping in the US

I chose My Colorful Life as the title of the series because life is colorful!  Sometimes it may be bright happy colors, sometimes it might be dominated by blue.  My art reflects that but this series is about happy thoughts & happier colors.  I hope you enjoy my rainbow paintings as much I enjoy creating them.

If you’d like to add one to your home or office, each painting is for sale!  If you aren’t comfortable buying from Etsy, I’m happy to sell direct or even setup a custom Ebay listing for you.  Hate the frame?  I can remove it (and its cost) from the purchase price!  Want to hang a different direction?  I can fix that!  Just let me know your preference & I’ll switch out the hardware before I ship.