3 Circles

Price: $85.00
Size: 15.5″ x 12.5″
Year: 2017

Coming soon to Etsy

3 Circles was created using acrylic paint and alcohol inks on mixed media paper. It comes framed in white.

More About This Painting:

3 Circles was created during the 30-day painting challenge held by Passion-Color-Joy on Instagram.  This painting was a fun exercise in work-on-paper which I don’t normally create many of.

My plan for this painting was simple.  I placed 3 cups face-down on the paper. I dripped a variety of inks over them to preserve the 3 circles but allow for things to get really abstract.  I then painted inside the circles first with paint markers to create a design.  Which I then hated so I painted over that in white.  Some of the design is still visible since the paint markers had enough texture to them to make it hard to hide.  The end result is far better than the paint markers alone!

This painting comes framed in white.  The hanging orientation can be changed upon request.  This painting does come with the glass to protect the paper.  You can be this unframed as well, just contact me for the proper price since i do deduct the frame price from the price of the painting.