Size: 10″ x 20″
Year: 2017

Expanse was created using acrylic paint, pouring medium, silicone oil, and matte varnish on stretched canvas

More About This Painting:

Expanse is an abstract painting I created with a few goals in mind.  First, I wanted to use the swipe technique.  Second, I wanted to use only Floetrol as the pouring medium.  Third, I wanted to try to create a rainbow piece using only red, yellow, and blue.

The swipe technique involves coating one side of a flow painting in a generous amount of a single color of paint. Then you take a wide, flat object and swipe that color across all the other colors.  It creates an intricate, lacy pattern of cells.

Floetrol is a paint additive for latex paints.  When mixed with acrylics, it produces a very matte finish.  My usual Liquitex Pouring Medium produces a thick, glossy finish.  I think the matte finish was perfect for this piece. The matte varnish I used isn’t quite as matte as the original piece but I’ve never found a varnish that is truly matte. The slight gloss does provide a nice pop to the colors though so I was really happy with how it turned out.

This painting is wired to hang horizontally but I’m happy to change the hanging hardware to accommodate your needs.  Just let me know which way you’d like it to hang & I’ll switch the hanging hardware at no charge.