Hesitant Pride

Size: 17.75″ x 1″ deep
Year: 2017

Hesitant Pride was created using acrylic and latex paints on a pine board. It comes wired to hang on a wall.

More About This Painting:

Hesitant Pride is an abstract painting born out of my love for working with color. It was also born out of a desire to use the pine tabletops I bought in 2010 for a project I never completed (because I ran out of space to store massive sculptures).

When is started out the only clear idea I had was to create a round piece using the colors of the rainbow plus white.  The colors are all artist acrylics (as opposed to craft acrylics).  Each color was mixed with a generous amount of pouring medium to increase the paint’s ability to flow.  The white is actually Rustoleum’s gloss white latex paint. Mixing different types of paint produces a variety of effects. In this case it was a subtle cloudiness where white interacted with the acrylic.

I started by coating the whole board in white. Then I poured stripes of the colored paints, in rainbow order, over top.  I ran a stick vertically through the stripes to add a bit of interest.  Then I simply moved the entire board around a bit allowing the paints to flow as they would.

The name Hesitant Pride comes from the uncertainty surrounding the newly establish rights of LGBTQ citizens in America.  It also reflects a coming-to-terms with one’s sexuality.  While my intention was not to create an LGBTQ piece of art, when the piece dried, the title jumped out at me.