Not Crayons

Price: $175.00
Size: 14″ x 26″ (canvas board = 12″ x 24″)
Year: 2016

Not Crayons was made using acrylic paint on canvas board. It comes framed without glass.

More about this painting:

Not Crayons is an abstract flow painting. It was a super fun piece to create and had some unexpected results.  I had wanted to do a bright, rainbow-colored piece for a while. I bought this long canvas board thinking it would be perfect. It’s a shape that’s a bit different for me which added a an element of fun, on the creation side of things.

First, I thinned out all my acrylic paints and poured them onto the canvas board.  So far, so good?  Not exactly.  I somehow messed up the yellow paint.  It ended up being a lot thicker than the rest of the colors.  That’s why there are little flecks of yellow while the rest of the colors flowed nicely.  While it was a “oops” moment, I like the non-uniform look.

Coming up with a title is usually a challenge.  When this piece dried I realized it looked a lot like the melted crayon pieces that have become really popular.  I assume other people will make the same connection when they see this piece. Calling it Not Crayons seemed like the perfect way to address the fact this piece is made of paint but yes, I know it looks like melted crayons.

This piece comes framed in a black frame made of MDF (micro-density fiberboard).  I removed the glass from the frame due to thickness of the canvas board.  In order to keep my prices low, I buy pre-made frames. Most are not designed to hold a canvas board so I need to remove the glass. This means I spend a fraction of the money on the frame compared to what I would spend getting it custom framed.  However, if you’d like to purchase just the artwork, I’m more than happy to do that!  I will deduct the cost of the frame from the price.