Steampunk Art Galleries

Steampunk is most easily described as ‘Victorian Science Fiction.’   Steampunk art is all about Victorian finery mixed with steam-powered machinery.  It heavily features brass, gears, goggles, keys, and clocks.  It is an aesthetic that I dabble in from time to time.   I don’t create pieces in this genre very often because they can quickly get expensive.  I try to keep my prices as low as I can, so steampunk art presents an interesting challenge for me.

Works For Sale can only be purchased from Etsy or directly through me.

All of my work is ready to hang in your home.  Each piece comes with either a basic frame or the sides of the canvas as been finished so that framing isn’t necessary for it to look nice hanging in your home.

Starting in January of 2016, I have been writing the ‘story’ of each of my pieces.  When you click on an image you’ll not just find the standard art info like year, size, and medium, but you’ll also get to read about what inspired me to create it, how it was made, the challenges I faced, and other information.

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