Time Keeps on Ticking (WhiteRosesArt.com)
Time Keeps on Ticking by Heather Miller

Title: Time Keeps on Ticking
Year: 2013
Size: 11″ x 14″

Time Keeps On Ticking was made using a variety of scrapbook papers, clock parts, and jewelry pieces.

The Story:

Time Keeps on Ticking was created after I made A Question of Time.  I apparently still had “clock theme” on the brain.  The background for the piece is made from two sheets of scrapbook paper.  The lower clock is one piece cut into 3 pieces. I thought it stood out in contrast to the lighter clock faces of the top sheet, but also helped to bring out the brown areas in it as well.

The plastic clock face in the upper left seemed like the perfect fit.  Because all the printed clocks are rotated in various ways, I didn’t want the plastic one to sit straight up.  The piece in the center of it was a bit of synchronicity.  I bought that piece long before I created Time Keeps on Ticking.  I thought it was beautiful but I didn’t anticipate how long it would take me to find an actual use for it.  After I placed the plastic clock face down, I realized I needed to put something in the center.  After trying about a dozen different objects, I came across that piece.  I tried it on a lark and was surprised that it not only fit, but looked good there. I placed a pendant that looks like french coin the center not only because I liked it but it also matched well with the key at the bottom.

When I set out to create this piece, I wanted more large clock hands like I used in A Question of Time.   I couldn’t find anymore locally so I ordered two sets online.  The company that sold those mislabeled the size.  My option was to keep them or pay to return them which wasn’t worth the effort (or the return postage fee).   I tried using the two sets of smaller hands, but I realized they weren’t making the impact I wanted.  My local stores carried the same size so I bought a third set but, rather than getting the ‘plain’ hands, I bought the fancier version.

The name was actually based on a misremembered song lyric.  While I was working on the piece, the song “Fly Like An Eagle” by the Steve Miller Band kept running through my head.  Not the whole song though, just the verse “time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin, into the future.”  I can’t even remember when I last heard that song, which is probably why, in my head, I kept hearing “time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking, into the future.” It wasn’t until I wrote this piece, and looked up the song, did I realize my error.

A Question of Time and Time Keeps on Ticking were shown together at Artomatic @ Frederick, MD in 2013.  I thought A Question of Time would be the one I brought home unsold.  I was wrong.  Time Keeps on Ticking started to seem like a mistake.  Before Artomatic 2015, I re-framed it into a larger width frame (the old frame is in the picture).  I don’t know if it was the frame change or it was just this piece’s time (ha!), but after it sold, I had 5 more inquiries about it.  That’s never happened before so it was stunning.  It was also disappointing because I can often replicate my work but not in this instance.  That lacy black piece was a clearance bin find (although overpriced for a clearance bin) and I had long ago tossed the label so I didn’t know who made it.  Because of that piece alone, I couldn’t recreate the piece even once (much less 5 times).