Turners & Fillers (WhiteRosesArt.com)
Turners & Fillers by Heather Miller

Title: Turners & Fillers
Year: 2013
Size: 10″ square, 2″ deep

Turners & Fillers was made using wood, paper, pipe fittings, keys, washers, gears, lamp wire, computer wire, rebar tie wire, acrylic beads, watch face, assorted watch hands, acrylic paint.

The Story:

I’m writing this story in 2016, the piece was created in 2013 so I’ll do my best to remember.

Turners & Fillers was created because a gallery requested it.  I was in Artomatic @ Jefferson, WV and a gallery owner really liked some of my work.  She had a show for recycled art coming up and asked me to submit my work.  She mentioned she really liked my piece Copper Keys and was hoping I could make something similar – so I did.

Because Copper Keys was the inspiration, I tried to stay as close to that aesthetic of that piece.  That said, some of the materials were no longer available to me.  In Turners & Fillers, there are two types of glass jars.  The center two were the last of several that were given to me as gifts.  They were purchased from an antique shop.  After an exhaustive search for something similar, I ended up with the outer two jars.  The box is about 2″ deep.  Finding cool jars wasn’t a problem.  Finding jars that fit in the box was.  I think the difference actually adds a bit of additional interest.

Because the new jars are a bit wider than the original, I was able to use the curved pipe fittings.  Getting the jars to fit around them after they were glued in place was a bit more of a challenge than I anticipated but I managed to do it.  I chose the materials inside the pipe fittings more or less at random.  I couldn’t match all the materials used in Copper Keys so I branched out and added some black computer wire and a small acrylic stone piece.

The upper portion of Copper Keys feature numerous keys.  I only had two large copper keys left by that point. I had other keys but they were different colors and materials, none of which looked quite right.  Instead, I opted to use just the two copper keys and add in some gears, toothed washers, a mini clock face, and some reclaimed watch hands.

The background is actually thin, tissue paper-like scrapbook papers.  I tore them up and glued them down.  I then dry brushed the papers with mustard yellows and browns to add more of an ‘aged’ effect.  In the years since it’s creation, the papers actually darkened a bit.  I used a Mod Podge which is an acid-free adhesive made for collage work so I’m not sure why it darkened.  I’ll post an updated picture of Turners & Fillers soon.