The Archives

The Archives showcases mediums and themes that I have stopped creating or create very infrequently.

Steampunk Inspired Art at

Gears, clocks, and faux-vintage art is found here.

Archive #1:  Steampunk Inspired Art

Steampunk is best described as Victorian science fiction.  It has an amazing aesthetic, one that I love to this day.  However, creating steampunk art is no small endeavor.  It requires a great deal of space both to store the materials and for the actual creation.  I’ve decided to retire the theme since doing it justice is a very difficult in my little studio.



Metal & Tech Art at

Recycled circuit boards and crazy abstract metal pieces

Archive #2:  Metal & Tech Art

This collection was inspired by my short stint in the computer industry and a love for minimal, but abstract, metal work.




Digital Art at

Fun With Photoshop On Canvas, Poster Prints, and More

Archive #3:  Digital Art

While Photoshop remains a very important tool for me, I haven’t created any new pieces in a long time.  This archive has many of my older pieces, several of which are available for purchase through my Zazzle store (not only as prints but on a wide assortment of products).

Digital Photography at

Colorful, Mostly Abstract Photography

Archive #4:  Digital Photography

I dabble in photography from time to time primarily because I own a DSLR. Many of the photos in the archive were taken during my Digital Photography class when I was in art school.  Several pieces are available for purchase through my Zazzle store not only as prints but on a wide assortment of products.



Cardboard Dragons at

Asian style dragons made from recycled cardboard

Archive #5:  The Cardboard Dragons

These very large sculptures were made primarily of recycled cardboard.  The first was created as an assignment for a sculpture class.  I had intended to do a series of 5 free-standing dragons but never finished the fifth due to space issues.  I’m happy to say all the dragons were purchased.




Skulls, skulls, and more colorful decorative skulls

Skulls, skulls, and more colorful decorative skulls

Archive #6:  Day of the Dead

This theme started out as a small series of pieces for a single show.  It grew over the years but it has finally run its course.  You’ll find skulls large, small, and tiny in this gallery of past works.

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