Digital Art

Digital art can be purchased through Zazzle.  Pieces uploaded to Zazzle can not only be purchased on poster prints but also on other merchandise.  If you’d like to see one of the pieces on a different Zazzle product, please let me know.  I’ll be more than happy to create it!

NOTE:  Some of these pieces are available as prints in my Zazzle store.  Since I had to edit the files to remove the original digital signature to read WhiteRose’s Art instead of my old name, TexelGirl Art, not all files have been uploaded. Please don’t hesitate to ask for your favorite piece if I haven’t made it available as a print.

Digital art was my first passion.  I created most of these pieces long before I began creating physical art, for exhibition anyways.  Some of the pieces were created for amateur contests at Deviant Art.  Others were done as assignments when I was in college.  A few were ‘just for fun.’  One day I hope to get back to creating more digital pieces but, honestly, art school kind of ruined Photoshop for me.  I was a digital art major and my schooling was subpar (and that’s being nice!).  I’ve met many art school graduates from schools around the world who say that art school ruined their passion (regardless of medium) so at least I’m not alone.  Hopefully I’ll get back to it one day, but if not, I’m having a lot of fun creating physical art!