Creation 2.0 by Heather Miller of
Creation 2.0 a digital photograph by Heather Miller, WhiteRosesArt

Title: Creation 2.0
Price: $85.00 (email me to purchase)
Size: 16″ x 20″ x 1″
Year: 2010

Creation 2.0 is a digital photograph printed on canvas.

The Story:

Creation 2.0 is a digital photograph that features a small part of the installation from my senior thesis exhibition.  This particular piece was actually a small stand that held my comment book and other information.  It was made of 2 old computer cases that had been striped of their coverings and a wooden board.  Inside the cases was a random assortment of electronic components, wires, and tubing.  For this photo, I added in the angel statue and one of the electronic “apples” from the exhibit.  The installation was loosely based around the Garden of Eden, including an 8′ tall tree of knowledge and several “apples” including the one seen above.