Baby Blues by Heather Miller |
Baby Blues by Heather Miller

Title: Baby Blues
Price: $10.00
Year: 2016
Size: 2″ x 3″

Baby Blues is a tiny abstract painting created using painter’s caulk & acrylic paint on a mini canvas.

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The Story:

Baby Blues was not a planned creation.  I hate wasting materials.  This little piece was created using the leftover colors of caulk I mixed for another piece.  The sides of this miniature canvas are finished in black acrylic paint to give it a faux framed looked.

I can’t link to the original piece, nor tell you its name, because I have yet to finish it.  I realize that probably sounds a bit odd.  I created the piece for a texture demo.  I haven’t decided whether that original piece is really finished yet.  It’s hanging in my studio waiting for me to decide what to do with it.  With this little piece, I had no such doubts.  I loved the way the colors mixed together.

Tiny art pieces like this one make fun accents to both home and office.  They’re adorable on cubicle walls, lockers, or to fill in extra space in photo / art collage-style displays.  This comes with a small sawtooth hanger glued to the back to make it easy to hang.