Little Bits o'Color by Heather Miller |
Little Bits o’Color by Heather Miller


Title: Little Bits o’Color
Price: $20.00
Year: 2015
Size: each panel is 2″ x 3″

Little Bits o’Color was created using polymer clay and acrylic paint mounted on mini canvases.  Each panel is wired for easy hanging.

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The Story:

Little Bits o’Color and its counterpart, Little Bits o’Blue were supposed to mixed together for a piece called Fallen.  Both are made from scrap clay that I was mixing together.  Fallen features a large tree made of painted polymer clay.  Because I planned on painting it from the outset, using scrap clay was perfect.  At least that was the plan.

As I rolled some of scrap clay through my pasta roller a few times, some of the pieces fell out looking, well, really interesting.  Rather than continue to roll them though (which softens the clay as it blends), I set the pieces aside.  They sat in my studio for a long time.  At first I was going to make them into a larger piece of art.  Then I considered making them into pendants for necklaces.  I toyed with the jewelry idea a lot actually.  I was a bit worried that some of the pieces would break rather easily so I ended up scrapping (ha!) the jewelry idea.

I finally realized that the little pieces fit perfectly onto the mini canvases I had.  The background color became my next problem.  A few years ago I bought a small pad of multicolored papers with adhesive backings (I turned a tabletop into a Rubik’s Cube).  That pad has proven invaluable in situations like this.  I just laid one of the pieces on each color until I realized that white was the way to go here.

I think the pieces are very reminiscent of sedimentary rock, really colorful sedimentary rock, or perhaps a fossilized plant of some sort.  I guess it would be better to say that it has a very organic feel.  Since I took geology classes in high school (not earth science like everyone did, my high school had an elective course where you traveled to whatever area of the country you studied at the end of the year) and in college, I have a bit of an affinity for rocks and fossils.   I’m sure that’s clouding my judgement a bit.