Magenta Melted by Heather Miller of WhiteRose's Art
Magenta Melted by Heather Miller of WhiteRose’s Art

Title: Magenta Melted
Price: $10.00
Size: 2″ x 3″
Year: 2016

Magenta Melted is a tiny abstract painting made using acrylic paint on a mini canvas. There is a sawtooth hanger attached to the back for easy hanging.

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The Story:

Magenta Melted was one of many pieces made with the runoff paint from Not Crayons. By this point there wasn’t much runoff paint left so I added a bit more magenta and purple to what remained.  I gently stirred the paint just enough to get the colors to mix a bit.

To create this piece, I laid the mini canvas face-down in the paint.  I used a palette knife to coat the sides.  I carefully lifted it out of the paint & flipped it over to dry.  It was then painted with an acrylic glaze to protect it.  This is a super easy and fun technique that I encourage everyone to try at least once.

Mini canvases are perfect for filling in awkward gaps in college displays of framed art.  They’re also perfect for office cubicles & other tiny spaces.  This one has a sawtooth hanger attached to the back but it can be easily removed and replaced with a magnet for some unique refrigerator or locker art.