Splash by Heather Miller, WhiteRose's Art
Splash by Heather Miller of WhiteRose’s Art

Title: Splash
Size: 3″ x 3″
Year: 2016

Splash is an abstract painting created using acrylic paint on a mini canvas. There is a sawtooth hanger on the back.

The Story:

Splash was a really fun piece to make.  This tiny abstract painting was created from the excess paint that dripped from Not Crayons.  When I create flow paintings, I let the excess paint drip into an old cookie sheet.  I created numerous small works from the runoff because Not Crayons was a rather large piece.

To get this look, I simply laid the canvas face down in the excess paint.  I used the palette knife to coat the sides of the canvas to provide a more finished look.  I never know what the end result of these pieces will be until I flip them over.  I really love the way this one came out (not that I’m biased or anything).  The high contrast and sharp lines on the right side really contrast nicely with the more subtle hues and softer lines on the left.

Tiny art is fantastic for filling in awkward gaps in framed collage styles displays.  It’s also wonderful in small areas like office cubicles.  The back of the piece has a sawtooth hanger attached for easy hanging.  A magnet could also be attached so you could hang it on the refrigerator or in a locker.  The possibilities are endless.