Various Other Art is the place for all the artwork that doesn’t fit into other sections.  The pieces here are more experimental, more random than the other sections.  Some of the pieces here were created using materials and items that were found in odd locations, or in clearance bins, or were salvaged from broken items.

Of all the work I do, I usually have the most fun, and experience the most frustration, with these pieces.  New themes often start out in Various Others before graduating to their own section.  Various Other Art.

Works For Sale can only be purchased from Etsy or directly through me.

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All of my work is ready to hang in your home.  Each piece comes with either a basic frame or the sides of the canvas as been finished so that framing isn’t necessary for it to look nice hanging in your home.  Various Other Art 

When you click on an image you’ll not just find the standard art info like year, size, and medium, but you’ll also get to read about what inspired me to create it, how it was made, the challenges I faced, and other information.  I’ve taken the time to write the stories for a few reasons.  First, it helps search engines find me.  Second, some pieces inspire questions – questions that people sometimes feel awkward asking.

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