The Key to a Good Night's Rest by Heather Miller |
The Key to a Good Night’s Rest by Heather Miller


Title: The Key to a Good Night’s Rest
Price: $20.00
Year: 2016
Size: approx. 7″ diameter  x  approx. .5″ deep

The Key to a Good Night’s Rest was created using a repurposed metal gear, embroidery thread, metal embellishments, a resin rose, and small length of chain.

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The Story:

Most of the story for The Key to a Good Night’s Rest is the same as Mechanical Dreams.   When I decided to try to finally use the gears I purchased years ago, I started by sanding and painting two of them.  This is the second.

The only real thing to add to the story of this piece is that I wanted to add a very large key hanging from the bottom.  I have the key that was / is perfect.  The problem is that I couldn’t find a way to attach it.  I tried many ways but it didn’t look right.  I wanted this piece to hang at [email protected] and, to make that happen, I finally gave up.  Sadly, I think the only way to get it to look “right” is to drill a hole in the bottom to hang it from a length of chain.  I broke two drill bits while drilling the holes to hang both dreamcatchers (I got impatient and pushed too hard).  I loathe the thought of drilling another hole.  Even if I did, the hole needs to be slightly sanded and spray painted.  That’s a problem since the entire thing is finished.  Therefore, I think the key is an idea that will remain just an idea.