Time Piece

Time Piece (WhiteRosesArt.com)

Time Piece by Heather Miller


Price: $30.00
Year: 2015
Size: 8″ x 10″

Time Piece was created using painter’s caulk, ink, acrylic paint, printed canvas, clock hands, jewelry pieces, gears, chain, and ribbon on canvas.  The sides are finished in a dark brown paint.

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The Story:

I don’t have a lot to say about this piece really.  I wanted to create another steampunk piece but I also wanted to experiment a bit.  I wanted to create something a bit more chaotic and a bit more random.  When I started this piece I had no clear vision for where it was going or what I was really going to do.

The first layer of Time Piece was the canvas sheet printed with the clocks.  After that dried I stared at it for days.  I finally decided to create something that had an odd scrapbook / memento collection vibe.  I mixed two colors of beige caulk and applied them to either side of the canvas strip.  I then smudged caulk onto the canvas.  I added drops of ink on to the caulk and mixed it in directly.  The caulk was applied fairly thin in areas so it began to set quickly.  This was good because it allowed me to work longer before I had to take a break.

Before the caulk completely set, I rough-cut some loose burlap ribbon.  I placed that in the lower right corner, pressing it into the caulk.  I grabbed some chains & some adhesive next.  Where the chin was placed into the caulk there was no need for adhesive. I just needed it to apply the chain to the canvas.  Then I needed to let the caulk finish drying.

One fully dry, I began adding embellishments.  I chose them based on the color of the chain, for the most part.  The square piece in the upper left is something I bought several years ago.  I always wanted to use it but never could find the right piece to add it to.  It made the perfect frame to put over the gears I added.  Framing the gears looked good, but I still felt it needed something else so I added the tiny clock face.

I had some extra clock hands lying around and knew when I laid the caulk down that I wanted to use them.  I glued those in place but needed something to cover the base of the hands.  Clock hands come ready to install in a clock so I need to remove the screw parts from each hand.  This isn’t always a clean process since the clock hands are made of very thin metal.  I think the round piece was a good choice.  It has something of vintage / historical feel to it so I think it matches the piece well.

I added a few more embellishments and then painted the sides of the canvas dark brown.  I’m a firm believer that art should be ready-t0-hang in a clients home, without the need for expensive custom framing. The piece can be frame properly, but that can be done when & if a client desires to.


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