This Gallery Features The Pieces That Have Sold

Are you totally in love with one of these pieces and really want to own it?  There is a chance I can recreate it for you.  So long as the materials are still available, I’ll do my best make a new one.  There is no commitment to buy so if you don’t like the new version, you’re under no obligation what so ever.  There’s also no cost premium or fees for reproductions!

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Various Other Art Archives is the place for all the past artwork that doesn’t fit into other sections.  The pieces here are more experimental, more random than the other sections.  Some of the pieces here were created using materials and items that were found in odd locations, or in clearance bins, or were salvaged from broken items.  New themes often start out here before graduating to their own section.

Curious about how a piece was made?  Want to know where I found a particular material?  Please don’t hesitate to ask.  I’m more than happy to help you recreate any of the pieces here or your very own masterpiece.

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