A Break In the Clouds

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A Break in the Clouds by Heather Miller

Title: A Break in the Clouds
No Longer Available
Year: 2016
Size:  24.25″ x 7.5″ 1″

A Break in the Clouds was created using yarn, cording, acrylic paint, and ribbon on a wooden board.

The Story:

A Break in the Clouds is a pretty simple piece.  I fell in love with the fuzzy white yarn.  That’s basically how this piece was born.  I found that yarn and thought “I need that.”

This piece, like the others in this “series” (I use the term loosely), was made by winding yarn, hemp cord, and ribbon around a wood board.  For this one, I decided to wind the material vertically rather than horizontally.  On the surface they are simple to make.

Keeping the proper tension and making sure the threads don’t overlap at the ends requires focus.  That’s why I love making these.  The level of focus required keeps my mind quiet – akin to what long distance runners feel.  My head just becomes blissfully quiet.  If my thoughts start spinning in a hundred directions, like they usually do, I end up having to unwind the yarn and start again.

Having the yarn, and knowing I was going to create another piece where I wind it around a wooden board, wasn’t the complete story here.  I had just re-joined an arts organization called The Del Ray Artisans.  They had a show coming up called “True Colors.”  The requirements stated that each piece had to use at least three different colors of the rainbow.  I had the multicolored hemp cording so it seemed like a good fit.  I also had the white & multi-tone blue yarn.  In between the multicolored cording & the multi-tone blue yarn is a thin sliver of silver ribbon.  The sides of the piece are also finished with silver ribbon.  When I was finished, the title seemed obvious.