Deep Water

Deep Water (

Deep Water by Heather Miller


Year: 2015
Size: 23.75″ x 7.5″ x ~2″

Deep Water was made of various types of yard, ribbon, glass pieces, and glass tiles all mounted on a wood board.


The Story:

Deep Water is the latest in my series of wrapped fibers.  This one is wrapped three different kinds of yarn.  I added banding of blue iridescent ribbon to provide spacing.  To create additional visual interest I added in glass pieces and a large square of gorgeous blue glass tiles.

After creating¬†Deep Forest I’ve tossed around the idea of doing a series of these kinds of pieces. ¬†I created¬†Deep Black next. ¬†After that I really wanted to create a colorful piece. ¬†While I think purple is probably my favorite color, I¬†love working with blues. ¬†I had those beautiful blue glass tiles and found that gorgeous ombre blue yarn. ¬†Those two things were the inspiration behind the piece.

When I start wrapping the yarn, I don’t have a clear idea of what the piece is going to look like. ¬†I just wrap until I think I should transition to something else. ¬†I didn’t want the piece to be all yarn but I couldn’t find any twine, hemp, or other such medium in the same color family. ¬†I’ve had that spool of iridescent blue ribbon for so many years I don’t even remember why I bought it. ¬†It turned out to perfect on this piece¬†and¬†I had just enough to do what I wanted! ¬†Once the wrapping is complete, I put a ton of glue on the back. ¬†The outer edges are glued down with a very generous amount of hot glue. ¬†Just inside the columns of hot glue are columns of E-6000, a slower drying adhesive. ¬†I used a small stick to work the E-6000 down to the wood to make sure each fiber was secure. ¬†Technically the two adhesives are overkill but my philosophy is ‘better safe than sorry.’

After it¬†the adhesives were dried, I played with the tiles for a long time. ¬†I knew I wanted to use them, I just wasn’t sure how. ¬†As you can see, I opted for a square. ¬†The only problem was that I bought the tiles from a tile shop that had a clearance sale for¬†old samples and broken pieces. ¬†This sample was missing a tile. ¬†That’s why the center has 4 tiny glass tiles. ¬†All the tiles were glued to a thin piece of wood. ¬†It was then glued to another piece of wood to raise it off the yarn a bit rather than having them lay totally flat.

While I loved the tiles, the rest of the piece felt a little empty. ¬†This is a point where I doubt myself a lot. ¬†Part of me worries that I “junk up” my pieces by adding to much. ¬†The other part of me feels I never do enough. ¬†As you can see I ended up adding the blue glass pieces along the ribbon. ¬†I think I found a good balance between too much and too few accents.

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