The Journey of 1,000 Colors

I have evolved as an artist over the years.  My journey began in 2008, under the name TexelGirl Art. Back then, my focus was digital art, assemblage, and sculpture.  Over time, I moved away from all 3 so I felt a name change was in order. In 2011, I became WhiteRose’s Art, a nod to my first nickname on the Internet.  I focused on abstract painting with lots of texture and color.

In January 2019, my life changed. My husband died & I had to sell our home – where my studio was. I gave away all my paints & supplies.  Instead of giving up, I went back to where I began:  digital art.  Now I paint on an iPad Pro with an ApplePencil. The versatility means you can buy my art not only for your walls but also on a variety of home decor, fashion, and accessories too.

From 2008-2019 I sold over 170 pieces of art to clients all over the United States. I’ve shown in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

Explore my work & if you have questions, I’m only an email away!

WhiteRose’s Art Features Colorful Abstract Paintings & Home Decor by Heather Miller