The Journey of 1,000 Colors

WhiteRose’s Art Features Colorful Abstract Paintings & Home Decor by Heather Miller

From 2008-2019 I sold over 170 original pieces of art to clients all over the United States. I’ve shown in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

I have evolved as an artist over the years.  My journey began in 2008, under the name TexelGirl Art. My focus was digital art, assemblage, and sculpture.  Over time, I moved away from all 3 so I felt a name change was in order. In 2011, I became WhiteRose’s Art, a nod to my first nickname on the Internet and my favorite flower.  My focus turned to abstract painting with lots of texture and color.

In January 2019 my life changed. My husband died & I lost everything, including my studio. While I have now found myself in a very unexpected new job, which I love dearly, I don’t have space or the desire to continue to create the kind of art I had up until 2019. I’m still creating, mostly in the digital space both as abstracts and more traditional pattern design (

If you would like one of my existing pieces, they are now up for grabs for free – although donations would be greatly appreciated. Why? I love my job but it isn’t a high paying job and the cost of living in Northern Virginia is very high.  I’ve been paying for a small storage area since 2019 and the rent increases yearly. About half of the space is artwork so if I can get rid of that, I can downsize or eliminate that monthly expense.  Remaining artwork will be donated, if I can find a charity, or trashed as a last resort.

If you’re interested in getting free art, I’m only an email away!  Artwork can be picked up in Vienna, VA, I’ll provide details when we arrange a time & date.