Rainbow Reflection

Rainbow Reflection (WhiteRosesArt.com)
Rainbow Reflection by Heather Miller

Title: Rainbow Reflection
Year: 2011
Size:  3″ x 3.5″ x .5″

Rainbow Reflection was created using polymer clay, an acrylic glaze, and acrylic paint on a mini canvas.  The piece has a sawtooth hanger glued to the back so it can be hung like any other piece of art.

The Story:

Rainbow Reflection was created after I had read some polymer clay tutorials.  The technique for this piece called for stacking thin sheets of polymer clay onto one another.  You then press them together gently to remove air bubbles.  Taking a very sharp blade, you slice through the stacks.  You then press those together and run them through a pasta machine until they are firmly pressed together and you’ve achieved your desired thickness.

Normally I would trim a piece like this so all the sides were straight (or at least uniform).  I felt that doing that to this piece would have ruined some its character – not to mention that most of the purple would have been cut off.  Rather than using this for its intended purpose (which has long been forgotten), I decided to leave it.  I just lightly sanded it, coated it in an acrylic glaze, and mounted it on a mini canvas.